A Decentralized Freelancing Platform

Convenient, Efficient, Trustless.


What is DeLance

DeLance is a freelancing platform powered by blockchain technology. Delance aims to provide a convenient, efficient, and trustless platform, ensuring the protection of both freelancers and hirers.

Equalizing freelance work.

Our Features

Smart Contract Escrow

Buyers may choose from preset conditions, or effortlessly set custom conditions using DeLance templates, ensuring that a buyer's terms are met before payments are sent, and freelancers are paid for quality work.

Trustless Track Record

By analyzing On Chain verifiable data, DeLance will generate a report for each of our freelancers. These reports provide buyers a comprehensive history of a freelancer's on chain activity and experience.

Native Token

DeLance will host a native token: DeLA. DeLance will take a 1% Transaction Fee Of All Transactions. Such fees will be used to cover all gas related expenses, with the remainder being distributed to DeLa token holders via staking.


The possibilities are
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