A Decentralized Freelancing Platform

Pay or get Paid in Crypto

Delance is a freelancing platform powered by blockchain technology. Delance aims to provide a convenient, efficient, and trustless platform, ensuring the protection of both freelancers and hirers.


Smart Contract Escrow

Buyers may choose from preset conditions, or effortlessly set custom conditions using DeLance templates, ensuring that a buyer's terms are met before payments are sent, and freelancers are paid for quality work.


Trustless Track Record

By analyzing On Chain verifiable data, DeLance will generate a report for each of our freelancers. These reports provide buyers a comprehensive history of a freelancer's on chain activity and experience.

track record

DeLa Token

DeLance will host a native token: DeLA. DeLance will take a 1% Transaction Fee Of All Transactions. Such fees will be used to cover all gas related expenses, with the remainder being distributed to DeLa token holders via staking.

DeLa token